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Dear delightful patients,

I sincerely hope you are keeping you safe and well.


The British Acupuncture Council has issued revised guidelines so treatment can commence with some changes to try and keep us all safe. This is not quite normal practice, but as close as I can get.

When you book an appointment I will ask 'screening' questions by phone. The questions and an information sheet will be available on my website to view or I can send a copy if requested. They cover Covid symptoms and health in the 10 days prior to the appointment. If the appointment is booked ahead of time I will call on the day of treatment between 9 am - 9.30am approx [wednesdays may be later]. The questions also cover whether you might be in the clinically vulnerable or extremely vulnerable categories and whether on balance treatment is recommended. Restrictions for these groups have been eased in July and largely lifted from 1st August. However, if you have any concerns please do discuss them with me.

It is important you arrive on time [there are no waiting facilities] and remain in your car until I call you. Please make sure I have your mobile number when booking. If it is too hot to sit in the car then please do wait in the garden, away from front door. If arriving by foot or bike please wait in the garden until time, away from front door. It is recommended you come unaccompanied where possible. Timings are tight for me re cleaning and airing so arriving on time, not before time helps me greatly.

I will call you [or hail you] and then meet you at the front door. I will ask you to don a surgical type mask if not already wearing one [I have some here if needed], stand whilst I take your temperature and use alcohol gel on your hands or wash hands once in the clinic - your choice.

If possible shoes off in hallway, then we go through to the clinic where all belongings [*please keep to a bare minimum] are placed in a box. Only hard chairs are available.

I will also have to use a mask throughout and may have to don a face shield for certain things [eg: tongue pictures/ face needling].

* If possible you can send a photo of your tongue ahead of our meeting to my email address or mobile phone. 07960 844110

I then have to ask you to sign a covid 19 consent form, ideally using your own pen.

So we then can start the treatment!

Chairs will be placed a little further apart than usual.

I will be doing lots of hand washing and applying hand gel.

The clinic is cleaned in-between patients, all bedding changed and the room ventilated. Half an hour is allocated to complete this after each treatment. Timing is important to get all this right so please be punctual.

To help towards the costs of the PPE the cost of treatment is slightly rising to £50. Please pay by card where possible [the screen is cleaned after each transaction] and if receipts are needed I will send by email if possible.

Toilet facilities are restricted to the outside loo- it is cleaned and ventilated after each use by me. A notice on the door clarifies the protocol and hand-washing facilities are available [alcohol gel and cold water washing].

I am required to ask you to contact me if you develop any covid 19 symptoms within 48 hours of your appointment. I will then suspend work and wait for your test result. If positive I will need to disclose contact information for those people attending in the previous 48 hours to the track and trace system. If negative, I can resume working. This may mean cancellations at short notice, for which I ask for your patience and forbearance. Let‘s hope not.

As of 24/9/20 I am obliged to collect name, number or email , date and time of treatment of all attending the clinic for track and trace. If I myself become ill within 48 hours of our appointment, or someone else attending the clinic, I am obliged to send your details to the track and trace. Please note that by attending your appointment you give your consent for this.

Fines to me for non compliance are £4000.

A QR code is displayed in the clinic - if you have the NHS track and trace app you can log your visit if you wish.

On balance Gloucestershire is at low levels of infection still, but things are changing. We are still at alert level 2, and I will post any changes to that as soon as I can.

Very best love and good wishes,


01453 847434
07960 844110


My clinic is open Tuesdays - Fridays.


I have worked in the Stroud area as an Acupuncturist full time since 1994.

I have a discreet practice based at home in private surroundings in a quiet setting in Rodborough, Stroud in an 18th century stone house.

The clinic is on the ground floor and has relatively easy access - see relevant page.

I trained and taught at The College Of Traditional Acupuncture, Leamington Spa and specialise in five element acupuncture.




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